Sub-Contractor  Implementation Instructions

Fujitsu Cable Clean-Up Instructions

Project Manager
Ivan Henton

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Project Coordinator
Sheridan Shipley

O: (832) 709-2998 

Step 1: PDU – MDU

The soundbar below the display should be pushed up as close to the bottom of the display as possible. There should be no more than a pencil width space between the display and the soundbar.

Step 2: Frontline Customer Side

The front line customer side shows the wide-angle shot that you need to take. 

Tip – it is ok to have customers in the shot.

Step 3: Frontline Associate Side

The front line customer side shows the wide-angle shot that you need to take. 

Tip – it is ok to have customers in the shot. Frontline associates shows the wide angle image of the back of the register line. 

Tip – you should be able to see the floor mats that the associates stand on in this images.

Step 4: Register #1 – Associate Side

Register #1 back side. 
This is where you take a picture directly behind register #1. 

Tip – DO NOT take a side shot of this register. 

You need to be directly behind the register when taking this image!

Step 5: Register #1 – Customer Side

Register #1 front side. 
Take an image directly in front of register #1. 

Tip –  DO NOT take a side shot of this register. 

You need to be directly in front of the register when taking this image.

Step 6: Jewelry Counter Associate Side

This step shows you the associate side view that is needed. 

You are also shown where the U-Bolt may be located on the register or within the register cabinetry.

Step 7: Jewelry Counter Showing U-Bolt & Customer View

This video shows you the location of the U-bolt on the jewelry counter and it also shows you the image that you need for the Associates side of the jewelry counter   


Step 8: Manager’s Office

The manager’s office shows you what image you will need of the manager’s desk.

TIP – any excessive cable needs to run through a grommet or hide so that there is not excessive cable being shown.

Step 9.1: Assistant Manager’s Office

The assistant manager’s office shows you the distance from the desk you need to be at when taking the assistant manager’s desk image.


Step 9.2: Assistant Manager’s Office

The second desk in the assistant manager’s office shows you the distance you need to be away from the desk when taking the picture.


Step 10: Patch Panel and Switches

The ASM Rack shows how the cables need to be looped and Velcroed. 
Do not leave any cables hanging. 
Velcro the looped cables at the 12 o’clock, 3 o’clock, 6 o’clock, and 9 o’clock positions.

Step 11: Cash Office

Cash office show how far away from the desk you need to be when taking the picture.

Step 12: LP Office

LP office shows you what picture to take.

You only need an image of the ONE thin client, monitor, and keyboard for this image.

Step 13: System Rack

System rack shows how you need to take the picture. You need a picture showing the rack from the floor to the top of the rack and you need a front view of the rack. 

This section also shows you that you need to use plenty of Velcro for the cables. You are also shown that you need to get a picture of the system room camera and the telephone in the system room. Remove any paperwork or unused equipment from the rack. You also need to take an image of the system room door handle.

Step 14: Training Room

The training room shows that you need to get a picture from wall to wall showing both thin clients and make sure that the monitors are turned ON.

Make sure that any looped cabling gets Velcro and tuck any excessive cabling behind the thin clients or monitors.


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